Taunton Global War on Terrorism Veterans Memorial

Dedicated to the Veterans of the War on Terror


 Photo Credit: Mike Poland Photography 

We need your help to become ADA Compliant. We will be widening our walkways and reorganizing the brick garden and benches around the memorial to comply with ADA Guidelines. In order to become compliant, we must sell another 500 bricks! The link to the order form can be found above. This will be Phase 3 of our project. 

The Taunton Global War on Terrorism Memorial was built next to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Taunton. The design was approved by the Taunton Historical District Commission with support from many local veterans, family members, neighbors, politicians, businesses, and concerned citizens.

The Memorial honors Veterans and Current Service Members of the Armed Forces Of the United States, both
male and female. This is the first memorial to honor Female Service Members to be build in the City of

Phase 1 of our memorial was completed with the addition of the Flags of each branch of Service and
the POW/MIA Flag to Church Green.

Phase 2 of our memorial, includes 2 Reflection Benches, A Brick Garden, and the Black Granite

The Brick Garden features the names, branch of service, and dates of service of Service members from any
conflict engraved on beautiful granite bricks. 

The 2 Reflection Benches  serve as a place where someone could sit and reflect on their service or for
a loved one.

The Monument is black Granite, and it was diamond engraved by Linda Tillson from Barnicoat Monuments.

The Front of the Memorial features the engraved figures of a male (kneeling) and female (standing) service
member in front of the Battlefield Memorial Cross (Pictured above).

Above the Figures reads "Dedicated to those who served" Below the figures reads "In the Global War on Terrorism"

The Reverse of the Memorial includes the names of the operations from the Global War on Terrorism and the
service members from Taunton who gave their lives during GWOT, their branch of Service, the Location and
date of death under that specific operation.

We thank everyone who donated to this project, whether it be your time, or your donations through brick
purchases, our 5K run, or other means of fundraising. The Taunton Global War on Terrorism Committee is
humbled by your support.

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